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    • Plex Streaming Slowness Question

      Hi Everyone,

      I am attempting to use Plex with a Tivo Bolt and Tivo Mini from my OMV setup. When trying to use this setup, videos are often very slow or don't stream at all. If I host the videos on SAMBA shares and stream from Kodi Raspberry Pi Boxes everything works properly. I am wanting to find ways to speed things up since videos don't always work. Is it possible to do this?

      My OMV setup is quite old, I am using:

      HP ProLiant N40L with 8 GB of RAM
      4 x Hitachi 3TB 7200RPM Drives

      If their aren't any ways to sped up Plex, any suggestions for an affordable replacement server?

    • Hello,
      Please try this:

      Go to Plex Server options
      Go to Transcoder
      Set values like this (temp folder can be any other but /tmp is prefered)

      Eventually you can change 1st option from Automatic to Prefer high speed encoding

      Please give feedback :)
      Debian 8.6 Jessie + OMV 3.0.latest Kernel: Linux 4.8.0-0.bpo.2-amd64
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400@3GHz
      Memory: 4GB RAM
      OS-HDD: Samsung SSD 120 GB +LVM

      Full media and download center configured.

      BIG and special thanks for OMV-Extras team for great plug-ins (especially: TeamSpeak, VirtualBox, Sonarr, Radarr, and rest I use :))


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