Lost Raid and eventually data.. need some expert help ..

    • OMV 3.x
    • Lost Raid and eventually data.. need some expert help ..

      I was bussy in the procces of replacing my hardware.

      Finally got my new system running OMV3 and started to move my datadisks (5x3tb raid5) to the new system.
      when booting for the first time and the system was up and running my array did not show up in OMV.

      i figurd well i had this issue before so i did.
      /cat /proc/mdstat

      nothing showed up

      then i checked my disks and saw that from my 2 older WD drives the superblock was messed up (i susspect because of uefi?)

      i got my old hardware back and reconnected everything back again.

      did mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sd[abdef] --verbose --force

      the problem was .. i did not know if my disks were arranged the wright way. so i figured well ill swap them unitil i got t running again..

      no luck

      then i saw that my fs wasnt working correctly (ext4).

      did mkfs.ext4 -S /dev/md0

      and on some point do know why or how or....

      but mkfs.ext4 -j /dev/md0 got executed..

      help.. how can i get my data back?
      OMV 3 (almost.. ) - 64 bit
      Unas 810A case + Asrock rack E3C236D4U, Xeon E3-1235l V3, 4gb ECC, 6 x 3TB (UNRAID 5)
      OMV on 128GB NVME