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      I recently installed OMV on my RaspberryPi 3 and it seems to be working OK. However I am concerned that the Ext USB drive is spinning constantly and the temperature is pretty hot (especially we have summer temps everywhere in the home). I read somewhere in the setup about monitoring the HDD (SMART) when it is in StandBy, Sleep or Idling mode. Is any of these modes available so the HDD doesn't have to spin all the time 24/7? Thanks for any clue regarding this detail on OVM setup.
    • At some point I think I saw an Advanced Power Management but I can't seem to find it any more. Why it disappeared? All I did I replaced the first HDD with another one. Maybe it is the capability of the HDD to be controlled, the current one is a WD 500GB and it should have SMART enabled.
    • Hi,

      i had some issues to get the power management working as i wanted as well. Maybe my hints can help you:

      • APM: disabled
      • AAM: disabled
      • spindowntime: 30
      • write cache: disabled

      You can test, if your drive is active or standby after the entered time by using this command: hdparm -C /dev/sdX

      One of my hdds (a seagate nas drive) spinned down after 30 Minutes, after storing and applying the settings in the web-ui. The other one (a seagate desktop drive) spinned down immediately. The desktop drive seems to accept the new values only after rebooting the system.

      After a reboot booth drives spinned down after 30 minutes with my posted settings. I think you have to play around with the values and check with "hdparm -C /dev/sdX" if your drive is doing what you want ;).
    • Dropkick Murphy wrote:

      Look under "physical disk properties":

      This may or may not work with external enclosures, depending on the used chipset and the manufactors will to implement stuff :rolleyes:

      Is that what you have your setup as I've never dealt with power management I'm new all that I'm and using for backup and media (Plex) and home assistance in the darker what would you recommend it's an internal 4 terabyte Hitachi any help would be appreciated thank you
      My homebrew Nas
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