OMV + ISCSI Plugin -> Kernel Version

    • OMV 3.x
    • OMV + ISCSI Plugin -> Kernel Version


      I got the Problem that i can't use ISCSI in conbination with newer Kernels like 4.8. The latest Kernel that works with ISCSI seems to be 3.16.

      Are there any disadvantage using an old Kernel like 3.16? Or is it recommended to use new Kernels with OMV?

      I really love OMV, but i really need ISCSI, so I'm unsure wether it's save to use such an old kernel like 3.16.
    • The newer kernel supports more hardware. If you do not have any problems with 3.x kernel, then use it. It will get updated by Debian, too.
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