HP microserver Gen10

    • hp_user wrote:

      bbm wrote:

      Ok the new version has to be installed under linux !!

      I suggest to install the 320 if you don't need the 340 specific features. (I don't know them)

      - Read realtime HW thermal alert again.
      - Change thermal alert's temp low limit to default value 0x81(-127).

      When updating the System BIOS from version A320 (or earlier) to version A330 (or later), the following system BIOS configuration settings will revert to their factory default values:
      • System time and date
      • Hard drive configuration
      • Boot device sequence
      • System passwords
      • Security setup

      Great!Thanks for the info!

      I managed to install the A330, that the last one generated for the UEFI environment.
      Here is the link to the A320 one.
      Here is the link for the A330 one.
      in case anyone needs them; a login is however needed.

      I wonder, what version of Linux is HP referring to, when they provide the A340 version for download. For sure the realtime HW thermal alert sounds interesting.
      I tried it so far under their latest ClearOS - community (free) edition, but does not work.
      Thanks for the 330 link i think redhat because it is one of the supported but I don't know i have Debian