Try to connect Docker with My(Web)SQL

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    • Try to connect Docker with My(Web)SQL

      Hello again,

      next problem is there. The next application running in docker is piwigo but i cant connect it with a db.
      Db is running nativ under OMV.
      piwigo is a docker container.

      steps i do:
      create a db in myWebSQL - name of db = piwigo
      create a new user with myWebSQL - name of new user = piwigoAdmin
      piwigoAdmin has got all rights for db

      go to piwigo installation --> HostIp:Port--> webgui with installation steps
      i added pictures to make it clear.

      In the first yellow marked line i changed from localhost to than to my HostIP, no success.
      the second line i changed db-admin from piwigoAdmin to piwigoAdmin@localhost, also no success.

      What do i wrong again?
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