OMV won't boot after soft restart pi3

    • OMV won't boot after soft restart pi3

      Hello all,

      This has happened to me twice now. I have a 16gb microSD and I uploaded the image for OMV, Managed to make it work with two HDD's and configured everything correctly. First time, it worked for three hours and when I updated it kind of froze and had to do a hard restart. After that the image wouldn't boot, it just said that it was in safe start mode and that some blocks were corrupt in the microSD.

      I reinstalled the image on the microSD and it worked again, I re-configured everything again and it worked great for three weeks without rebooting. A few hours ago I was having trouble connecting via SSH so I went to the Pi's IP address and used the web UI to restart. It shows the same problem as last time.

      What do you guys think it's wrong, it fails to load the kernel.

      I'm not an expert but some suggest to use raspbian and then install OMV. I'm using it as a Media Center and NAS.
    • neocorps wrote:

      What do you guys think it's wrong
      Your SD card.

      You can waste a lot more time in trial&error mode or you check for the most common errors (insufficient powering always another great choice with Raspberries):…#how-to-prepare-a-sd-card
      • Check the card first with either F3 or H2testw. Always.
      • Use only Etcher to burn images. Always.
      • When you use latest official image, log in through SSH and check raspimon output after you configured disks