openmediavault_webgui in a name-based virtual hosts configuration

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    • openmediavault_webgui in a name-based virtual hosts configuration

      Hi ! I'm a new user of OpenMediaVault but I've already some experience with Debian.

      I wish to access the administration of OMV from a virtual host based on the Nginx's server_name attribute. The graphical interface doesn't allow this to me. So I tried to manually modify /etc/nginx/sites-available/openmediavault-webgui but it'll be restored in its original configuration by OMV.

      Since I'll access OMV administration remotely, I want the administration page to match a defined subdomain and use letsencrypt to encrypt the communication. The server (a Proliant) will also host several other sites on other subdomains.

      How can I manage to use VirtualHost that way persistently over time?

      Thank's for your help !
    • I'm not sure if I follow?

      I access remotely, but I have a domain name registered with and use my router/modem to update the IP. I just go to

      I modified the OMV web to be port 8080 and 4433 and use 80 and 443 for my default nginx website. Both sites share the Lets Encrypt SSL certificate.

      I generate the SSL for OMV and when I install the nginx plugin I simply drop down to the SSL I already created. I have tried the reverse method and it didn't work. I had massive errors setting up SSL for my nginx plugin and then sharing with OMV.

      Since I am using a real TLD, I don't know if this will help.
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    • Thanks for your answer !

      I'd prefer not to change the ports but if needed it would be the right solution, sure.

      I'd prefer to have a subdomain omv.mydomain.tld responding on port 443 for administration, aside of others subdomains (activity1.mydomain.tld, ...).

      As long as OMV modify the Nginx file and if I cannot edit persistently the OMV's templates, my wishes could be irrelevants. So I prefer to ask before to spend many time on something that will fail.