Plex installation - totally messed up

    • OMV 3.x
    • Plex installation - totally messed up

      Hello guys. I have a little problem and wanna ask you for some help.
      I used OMV 2.x 2 years ago, but now my frind asked me to build a NAS. So, new build, everything was OK, created RAID1, do some shared folder, put videos in it. I was goig to install Plex.
      Installed as in GIF, but I was unable to change database folder, and plex was unable to find any videos on my drive.

      I tried uninstall, reinstall, and sadly, totally messed installation process. Now I cannot install plex. In OMV-Extras, PLes repo is enabled, and when installing from "Plugins", the last steps of installation windows giving me ERROR cycle.

      I wanna ask, if there is some way to completely delete plex and other plex dependencies from system, install it fresh again and - HOW TO show plex, where to find videos, or how to reach folder inside the main drive.

      Sorry for bad explenation, and bad English, not my native language.

      Thanks for help.