Internet rarely works on router connected to powerline

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    • Internet rarely works on router connected to powerline

      While this isn't related to OMV I thought you guys could help me out, so I created an image for better explaining my issue

      I have a main router, from my ISP company that provides internet to the whole house. But it only has 4 ethernet ports, so I have two switches.

      On the upper floor there's no wifi, so I have a powerline connected to one switch and on the upper floor the receiving powerline (the powerline is well connected to the other unit) connects to a router (which is configured as an Acess Point) to transmit it to wireless.

      The problem is that I only have internet like once or twice a day. It connects but nothing loads, there's no connection, just a "blank" wifi. And yes, the powerline is properly connected, all lights are solid meaning a sucessfull connection.

      The DHCP is disabled on the 2nd router, so it should be using the 1st router established IPs, but it rarely works.

      Thanks for your time

      EDIT: This is what my router2 outputs on the system log

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    • Seems like it has no Connection to the Network.
      It sends out a dhcp dicover and got nothing back, so it can‘t receive the dhcp Server.
      Is the powerline in the same circuit?
      That could be the reason why it is not working.
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