Direct Share Access to members of Pool.

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Direct Share Access to members of Pool.

      Hello. I am new to Linux so please be kind.

      I have been reading the forums and GIT to see if I can figure this out myself, but I cannot. I know it is possible since I have seen other posts describing what I wish to do, but I cannot get it working.

      Here is what I have done so far:

      1. I have added 6 Drives (4 Data, 2 parity) that I have mounted under the File Systems section. These will for storing Media. Each ripped album is under it's own folder.
      2. After mounting, I added the drives under the Snapraid Section.
      3. I added the 4 Data drives under the Union Filesystems section to create a pooled share using the Default setting. Aside from some harmless SMART Log Error Codes when long testing (Question for another day), all is good.

      I wanted to start transferring media to the drives So I :

      1. I added 2 users, "Myself" (Maintenance. Part of users and root Group) and "Family" (Read only access for Media, Part of users Group).
      2. I created a share for the Pooled Group named "Media". I used the default settings.
      3. I set "Myself" to be able to Read/Write under Privileges.
      4. I set "Myself" to be able to Read/Write under ACL.
      5. I added the share under the SMB/CIFS section so that my windows machine can access the share. I used the default settings.

      On my windows system, I can login under "Myself" and I can see the share. I was able to create a folder "Music" and transfer a few albums to it. I check under the File Systems section in OMV and I can see that the data from the one transfer was sent to "Drive04" in the pool since it did not match the "Used" column info that the other drives had. So Far So Good.

      I wanted to verify and see how/if the data was distributed to the other members of the pool. My concern is that if I transfer a folder that contains the tracks from an album, I want to make sure that all the tracks under that folder are stored as a set and not have tracks spread out across the other pool members . The reason why I care is that in case 3+ drives fail, I want to make sure that I only have to re rip the complete albums and not have to rip individual tracks from many more albums.

      I added a share for "Drive04" (member of the pool). I used the same settings as when I added the "Media". When I navigated to the "Drive04" share, there was nothing inside. I was able to add a "test" folder to "Drive04" but when I went into the "Media" pooled share, it was not there. Only albums I transferred before.

      I have played around and tried a few things. but I cannot get the pooled share to show the data I transferred to individual members or vise versa.

      Any assistance would be appreciated. ?(