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      Hey Guys,
      today I want to show you my current NAS Build!
      At first I had a Synology DS215j but that was most of the time waaay too slow, so I decided to build a NAS myself and this is the result!

      • Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H
      • Bitfenix Shinobi
      • Intel Pentium G4560 (GPU integrated) BOX
      • 8 GB Crucial DDR4-2133 Dual Kit
      • 400W be Qiet! System Power 8 Non-Modular
      • TECHNOTREND TT-budget S2-4200 Twin
      • 128GB SSD M2 SATA (OS)
      • 1x 4 TB WD Red
      • 1x 4 TB WD Green
      • 3x 4 TB Seagate Barracuda

      • OS: Openmediavault 3
      • Plugins:
        • Snapraid (1 Parity-Drive + 4 Data-Drives)
        • Autoshutdown (Check HDD I/O + Network I/O every 30 minutes)
        • WOL
        • MiniDLNA
        • Docker GUI Images
          • JDownloader
          • Emby Media Server (accessable from the outside)
      • Other SW
        • TVHeadend
        • LetsEncrypt

      Clients are several RPI's with LibreELEC or OSMC and Emby Plugins and Emby Apps.

      I think the specs of my server are sufficient but does anyone have recommends to improve this complete setup? (E.g. should I run TVHeadend also in a Docker-Container?)
      Tell me what you think!

      Best regards :)

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    • Very nice. I’m preparing to put together a G4560 & Gigabyte mobo build myself. Waiting for the psu to arrive in the mail, and need to pick a case. How has the cpu treated you so far? I’ll also be setting up Snapraid and Docker w/ JDownloader. Any troubles with Docker? I’ve never used it before. Currently have OMV running on an i3 Optiplex w/ 10tb storage and 12gb ram and it’s great. Mobo only has three sata ports and case is super small, so I decided to build something newer/bigger. Any photos you can share? Congrats on the build.