configuration advice subfolders / copying between shares

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    • configuration advice subfolders / copying between shares

      Hi all,OMV 3.0.96I'm having some trouble achieving a desired configuration. I would like to get following situation:FOLDER STRUCTURE:mainfolder--sortfolder1--sortfolder2--dropfilesUSERS:sorteruserAuserB"sorter" should have acces to "mainfolder" and all underlying folders. "userA" and "userB" should only have acces to "dropfiles" (preferrably as a seperate share).The idea is that all users can drop files in "dropfiles" after which "sorter" takes these files and sorts them in "sortfolder1", "sortfolder2" and so forth for archiving.When I make a shared folder for "/mainfolder" and "mainfolder/dropfiles" and try to use priviliges to achieve this configuration, it seems that "userA" and "userB" can only acces "mainfolder/dropfiles" when they also get permission to acces "/mainfolder".This is of course not the desired result.A similar question was already asked in…ermissions-in-subfolders/. The proposed solution (seperate from using ACL wich is discouraged for "regular" users) was to take "dropfiles" out of "mainfolder" and threat them both as completely seperate shares.This of course works but gives the disadvantage that whenever "sorter" moves a file from "dropfiles" to "mainfolder" this has to happen over the network via sorter's pc which greatly reduces transfer speed. This is not desirable since the files put in "dropfiles" are rather big.Does anybody know a way to achieve said configuration or to avoid having to do the moving over the network?The best solution I could come up with, with my very limited knowledge, is creating a seperate share for "userA" and "userB" to drop their files in and copying it's contents to "dropfiles" using WinSCP/RSync/Midnight Commander.This isn't very convenient as the copying has to be done manually each time files are added and this also means "sorter" needs to have the password for the GUI or SSH...All advice is greatly appreciated ;)