Plex: Can´t access Plex by it´s own from outside my network but DynDNS access is working

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    • Plex: Can´t access Plex by it´s own from outside my network but DynDNS access is working

      Hi Guys,

      I have a small problem with my Plex Media Server running on the latest OMV 3 (No OMV-Firewall Rules).

      I am running the Plex Server on the standard Port 32400 and I have an IPv4. In my internal network Plex works fine but when I try to enable the network-connection from outside plex shows the attached Error-Message.
      I also have a DynDNS Domain connected with my FritzBox (UPnP enabled) and when I try to connect to it like this: "" it also works fine, but only on the Browser because I cant tell the App to connect to a specific address.

      Summary: I cant connect to my Plex Server from outside the network from an App because plex shows this Error Message but I actualy can connect to it through the DynDNS address. This makes no sense to me and I ask myself why it only works with an DynDNS an not in Plex itself.

      Can someone help me with this? (sorry for my bad english. I´m not a native speaker)
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    • Do you have a router that is performing NAT from port 32400 to port 18541? You need to put port 18451 in the Manually specify public port box.

      Is your Plex server logged into
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    • Thanks for the answer :)

      Yes my Router is performing NAT but does not forward the port 32400 to 18541, I will try that. But shouldn´t plex open the port by itself because of UPnP? When I put the port 18541 in the Manually specify Port box it doesn´t work...

      Yes, my Plex Server is connected with my Plex Account and as I mentioned in my first post, the server is actually available from outside but only under my DynDNS adress.
    • I dont know what port 18541 has to do with this. But the strange thing is that this port does change from time to time. A few days ago there was another port on that spot.

      From inside my network I connect to my Plex Server using the internal IP and the port 32400 and it is working fine.

      My only problem is, that I can´t access the server from outside via Plex itself. It only works with my DynDNS address and I have no clue why...?
    • Okay I have tried that but it doesn´t work either. I Have setup the forwarding rule like you can see in the attached picture. Are there any other ports I have to open?

      Apparently now the public port in the Plex setting was set to zero... (attached file)
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