How configure OpenVPN to connect in remote on shared folder

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    • How configure OpenVPN to connect in remote on shared folder

      i open this thread because i can't find a solution on this forum for my problem. This is the first time that i work with a vpn connection, so please be patient with me.
      So, i have installed openvpn plugin on my omv anf i have set up it, than i have installed on my windows client openvpn client and after have imported certificate i can established connection with openvpn.
      Now i would browse on my shared folders on omv, but i can't find it.
      But firstly, i have do this step, it's all right?
      1) I have activate smb/cfs service (i have read that it's necessary activate samba service to browse on shared folders on a vpn) and i have configured a shared folders
      2) i have create an user that can read/write that shared folders

      When i'm on my lan i can browse with share folders , but this is normal because i have enabled and setup smb/cfs service on OMV, so how can i understand if vpn work?
      And, i'm a little confusing, to browse on shared folders on vpn what ip i must insert on explorer \\(?) ? I have that i think is the ip of my client, so which is the ip of the server on a vpn? The ip with i usually connect ? So ?

      This is my opevpn server (OMV) configuration: (pt.1) (pt. 2)
      This is my openvpn client log

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