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    • OMV installed on the wrong hard disk

      Good morning,
      I had a very old version of OMV with a hard disk sda1 (omv installed on it) and 3 disks (sdb, sdc, sdd) forming a raid5.
      When I wanted to update OMV, I made a lot of mistakes. So I decided to reinstall OMV.
      When installing it, I selected the raid5 instead of the first disk. OMV did not ask me to confirm partitioning... and it installed right away.
      I installed OMV then on the 1st disk then by launching... I find well a raid5 with my 3 disks but empty with OMV only installed on it.

      Given the installation time, I don't think all the documents have been erased from my disks but I don't see anything.
      I really need your help to eventually recover my files if there are any left.
      Thank you so much for your help.

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    • If you’re gonna attempt recovery you need one disk at least the size of the array someplace where you can dump all your files.
      Boot system rescuecd or a live distro. The most common utility is testdisk or photorec. Be aware that the recovery process just handle files and extensions, file names and folder structure is lost, so eventually you will need to reorganize everything by hand.

      Installing Omv by iso has been warned in wiki and in the forum since start of the project.
      New wiki
      chat support at #openmediavault@freenode IRC | Spanish & English | GMT+10 broadcast channel
      openmediavault discord server
    • That are sad news, but the docu and installer tells you to remove all data drives before doing the installation.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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