Raspbian Jessie kernel panic after OS & OMV packages update

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    • Raspbian Jessie kernel panic after OS & OMV packages update

      Today, I've done the usual "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get -y upgrade" on an existing Raspberry Pi server with Rasbpian Jessie as the underlying OS that I'm using as a NAS box with OMV 3.0.99.

      Rebooted the device and connected with SSH and after a couple of minutes, I'm getting kernel panic error messages as outlined with attached transcript file raspberry_kernel_panic.txt and the device freezes or comes to a complete standstill. Have to unplug the PSU and then power it on again.

      Any idea what this might be related to? From the cryptic output it seems to be a kernel error.
    • Thank you for your suggestions! I checked the "dmesg" output and according to the logs, there seems to be no SD card corruption.

      The PSU (5.2V & 3.4A) I have, ought to be fine, as I have the same using for other RPI devices no kernel panics yet experienced on any of the devices. All external disks plugged are powered by separate PSUs, thus I expect no current drain from the RPI device itself.

      This said, I like your "raspimon" script, and have installed and running, and keep an eye on the statistics being generated to see if it can give some insight on the internals on the operational behaviour of the RPi device.

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