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      Hi guys I have strange behavior, I can't mount external disk to OMV, there is error message
      I do not understand why there is message about NTFS when it is EXT4 disk.
      Disk was previously with NTFS partition but there were problem, NTFS was corrupted so I deleted NTFS partition and created new ext4 partition.
      I've rebooted RPI but it doesn't help.

      [Blocked Image:]
    • Newbie here, so take this advice with a grain of salt....

      Your Pi still sees the NTFS partition. Try using Diskpart n a PC to completely clean the drive.


      In Windows
      Press Windows-R then.. or in the command prompt window, type “diskpart”. That will launch another window with a DISKPART> prompt.

      >list disk
      "List Disk" will find out which disk is your USB drive. It should be pretty obvious from the size of the disk.
      If it’s not, alternatively, you can search “Computer Management” under the Start menu, and then click on “Disk Management”.
      You should see something that says “Disk 3 Removeable” or something similar.
      Once you know which disk you want, in the Diskpart window, type:
      >select disk 3(or whatever number your drive happens to be assigned to). Diskpart should tell you that this is now the selected disk.

      Warning- make absolutely certain that you have selected the correct disk to wipe.

      This will get rid of all the old information on the disk, as well as any partitions. This will wipe all data on the SD card.Diskpart will tell you when this has succeeded.

      Create a new partition on the SD card:
      >create partition primary

      Select the newly created partition:
      >select partition 1

      Make the partition active.

      Format the partition to a desired file system.
      >format fs=fat32
      or you can try
      >format fs=ext4

      (I've always used FAT32 on my Pi.)

      Hope this helps

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