LVM empty after disconnect and reconnect?!?!

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    • LVM empty after disconnect and reconnect?!?!

      I have storage for my OMV to an iSCSI target. Everything working great. I thought I'd disconnect the iSCSI during the week when I'm not using the storage so the disk array can spin down (saving heat and energy).

      I first stopped the samba service so the mount isn't in use:
      service samba stop

      I then dismount the storage:
      umount /media/e6e5abfc-d17a-40fc-8641-59efccee676c

      I then logout of the iSCSI target
      iscsiadm -m node -u

      cool, the disks spin down.

      So then I reconnect:

      iscsiadm -m node -l

      but now my LVM is completely empty! The physical disks are there, but the Logical Volume Management pages are completely empty! lvscan doesn't do anything.

      WTH?!?! ?(
    • Well, good news, reboot, and my volumes is back, though the LVM was inactive and I had to run 'lvchange'.

      This *IS* reproduceable, so clearly my procedure is NOT GOOD. So, what's the proper method I should be using to disconnect an LVM from an iSCSI target?

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