Clean install not visible to network

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    • Clean install not visible to network

      Hi all, I'm sure i'm doing something stupid but i'm at my wits end.

      Everything was working on my OMV setup except I accidentally broke plex and couldn't fix it. So i decided to do a clean install. Installed OMV, plugged my drives back in, upgraded everything and remounted my file system in the gui. No issues.

      Turned on SMB and NFS, but I can't access my shared folders from any windows computer or from my home kodi installations. Everything appears to be running and I can ping OMV, but i can't access it from windows with the IP address/SMB, nor can i access it from kodi via NFS.

      I've spent all day searching for a solution, what did I miss?

      Edit: I previously had my shared folders mapped in windows, and had my nfs shares visible to kodi. After the clean install I can't see anything over the network.

      2nd edit: Windows 7 Ultimate

      Final Edit: It magically fixed itself. The trick was to label the domain the same as the local workgroup, and then reboot the server.

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