OMV on Raspberry Pi reboots after Web UI Login

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    • OMV 3.x

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    • OMV on Raspberry Pi reboots after Web UI Login

      Got a head-scratcher here, can't figure out what's happening. I went to update my Raspberry Pi installation today (to OMV 4.x using omv-release-upgrade) and about halfway through the installs, the SD card gave up the ghost and went read-only. I pulled a backup that was several months old, got a spare card, and restored the image to it. I was able to get config files back (primarily for dnsmasq) without trouble, and I set about updating this image to current OMV 3.x before doing anything else. There were a bunch of package updates, so I was doing other stuff for a minute or two, came back, and saw ****************ERROR************ on the screen, but the Close button was lit up. I hit Close and figured I'd re-check it, but suddenly it wasn't responding.

      After some messing around, I've discovered that I can force the system to reboot by logging into the Web UI. The dashboard page doesn't even have time to finish loading before the reboot happens. I left it running and didn't try anything for three hours, had no issues. This particular install is running DNS and DHCP for my entire house, as well as FreeRADIUS for my switches in my lab, and everything was working fine. Attempted to login to the web UI again, and it rebooted.

      Now, as part of this, I switched from a Raspberry Pi 2 to a Raspberry Pi 3 (not the new 3B+, just the original 3) in case it was a problem with the hardware as well. I can try going back to the Pi 2 and see if that changes anything, but I don't see any particular reason it would be necessary, since they share the same image.

      EDIT: Switching back to the Pi 2 seems to have fixed it. I figure there's one of two possibilities here - something about the Pi 3 hardware doesn't like the old image, or (more likely) the RTC chip I neglected to move over was causing arcane problems. Why it would only be in the Web UI I don't know, but I completely forgot it was there, and that might well have played into it.

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