Openmediavault drops my router network

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    • Openmediavault drops my router network

      So i have an old pc that i am currently running openmediavault 3.0.86. It is connected directly to my fios router. Now the only services i have running on is plex and smb. For some reason the openmediavault is bringing down my network/router. What happpens is i will be on wifi and all of a sudden the wifi signal disappears on my phone. When checking the openmediavault i will notice that the light is flickering. If i shutdown/unplug the cable the wifi signal will return.

      i researched online and it was suggested to use a different nic card. I have attempted this but also had the same issue. Not sure when this started because i did have it running on my network for a few months with no issues. It was a headless setup but i have connected a monitor and a keyboard to see what happens.
      But i am not sure what commands i can use on the Command line to find the cause of my issue. Please help.

      thank you
    • Sounds like your network settings conflict with your router's network settings. Did you set a static ip?
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    • # The loopback network interface
      auto lo
      iface lo inet loopback

      # eth1 network interface
      auto eth1
      allow-hotplug eth1
      iface eth1 inet static
      iface eth1 inet6 manual
      pre-down ip -6 addr flush dev $IFACE
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