SMART Devices Tab Locking Up OMV

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    • SMART Devices Tab Locking Up OMV

      Hello group,

      I have started building out a new file server using OMV 4.1 on an older Gateway E9520T server in great condition with a LSI MegaRAID card. The install went as smooth as always, having built a couple other OMV servers in the past. After getting my configuration setup, however, I am finding that the system freezes up every time I click the DEVICES tab under SMART. The system will begin searching for devices and the spinning circle never stops. The web interfaces stops responding to any requests. I cannot even login as root on the actual server terminal. I end up having to hard power down the server and reboot from scratch.

      I have never seen this issue on any other OMV am curious what I am missing here??? And how to get some stability back??? This server is ultimately destined for a local library, but needs to be rock solid before deployment.

      Thanks in advance.
    • Did you have a look into the syslogs? I assume troubles with smartctl.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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    • Here is the syslog file from yesterday with all the freezes. I did a search and found no mention of smartctl in the file. Maybe there is something in the log that will shed some light.....otherwise I may try to rebuild back to OMV 3 and see what happens. I used OMV 4 on an HP ML310 and have not seen this behavior with has been running in a production environment for quite a few months now.

      • syslog.txt

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    • So....I tried loading OMV 3 on the server this morning and got the same issue......the system freezes up and loses connection after clicking on SMART and DEVICES. My own OMV 2 system does not have this problem at all.....however, it is on completely different hardware using an HP raid card. So.....I am stumped what to do. Throw out the server???? LOL