Newbie can't connect to NFS share

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Newbie can't connect to NFS share

      First time setting up OpenMediaVault, and I used version 3.0.86 (I have an old Dell PE840 server I'm using). Walked through initial setup, created the file system, shared folder, Enabled NFS, created shares, set access to my net, set privileges to read write and extra options: subtree_check,secure. (the default)

      I tried to connect from a VMWARE esxi 6.5 server, and it reports: "Failed to mount NFS datastore Test - NFS mount\test failed: The mount request was denied by the NFS server. Check that the export exists and that the client is permitted to mount it."

      I figured the iMac I have would be the best device to test from since i can just GO, Connect TO Server, nfs:// ... When I connect it reports "There was a problem connecting to the server You do not have permission to access this server."

      Did I miss somethign? Any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated!

    • Figured out part of it. if I connect with ESXi 6.5 with 'NFS 4' (which selecting this switches on the option to enter a user and password) and provide the ID and password I setup on the nas. If I connect with ESXi client 5.5 it can't connect, but it doesn't allow me to enter a password, so I expect it's connecting with NFS 3?