Created ZFS zvol not visible under File System (mounting) tab.

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Created ZFS zvol not visible under File System (mounting) tab.

      Hello everyone, If that issue was mentioned before please point me in to the right direction :D

      Well got that strange issue on Arrakis on Erasmus everything works just fine and dandy.
      Having ZFS plug-in installed created a raid in some cases it was imported from a freenas machine I migrated drives from. I created a zvol, after creating (which is visiable in the ZFS tab) I wanted to go to the Filesystem tab to properly format and mount it. Created zvol is not listed in available options from the tab to format and to mount. Any solution to this problem ?

      sorry for my poor english not my native language,

    • If the ZFS vdev is visible in the plugin, look at "State" and "Status". If you see State (ONLINE) and Status (OK), the pool is up and running. It's not necessary format it, or mount it, using Storage, Filesystems. (This is normal. It's not a problem.) Storage, Filesystems is not for ZFS - it's for file systems like EXT4, XFS, etc.

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