Shared HDD suddenly goes missing

    • OMV 4.x
    • I have a post stuck in a queue. As far as tools go, for testing hard drives, the recommendation for using the manufacture's diagnostic tools is the best course for determining drive health. It's their product.


      tkaiser wrote:

      Tools from last century (like fdisk) often show their age...
      Just like certain physical features we all have, everyone has an opinion, uh? (Just to be sure we're straight on that - this is a forum of opinions only.)

      On the other hand, for the record, old is not always bad. Grand-Daddy Linus Torvalds, having been born in the last century, is showing his age as well. What do you think of his product, "Linux"? (That was a rhetorical question - please - there's no need to reply.)

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    • flmaxey wrote:

      this is a forum of opinions only

      Sure, if you want to sabotage solving user problems, then that's the way to go. In case you're not able to understand why recommending fdisk in 2018 is BS nobody can't help you. But with some light Google-Fu you should be able to get an idea why a tool that has been made 35 years ago for disks of low capacities only supporting a partition table that is a joke nowadays (MBR) can't work -- or just read and try to understand @macom's answer...
    • tkaiser wrote:

      In case you're not able to understand why recommending fdisk in 2018 is BS nobody can't help you.
      You see,, I didn't say anything even close to that. (Why insist on spinning yarn off into the cosmos?)

      What I did say, early in the thread and a couple times since, is "use the OEM's tools". (Simply stated, they know their hard drives better than anyone else and their tools are, generally, easy to use.) As a start, "that" is probably the best course for this user to get a definitive answer regarding the drive.

      I also added a comment about a very specific reality - this is a forum of "opinions" - where you've been proven wrong before.

      Further, the notion that you can, somehow get inside my head to "what I understand" is not only amusing :) , well,,, I'll be kind and leave it at that.
    • Actually I'm gonna chip in here as @indragm in the first line of his request the drive is 1TB , therefore the use of fdisk was fine and the same question was asked this century here

      Fdisk told the user that no partitions could be found the user understood simple plain english cat /proc/partitions would tell him nothing that he understands!! I understood why @macom suggested parted would have given the same answer no matter what size the drive. The fact that fdisk is not dead, deprecated resigned to the bowls of the last century means it's still alive, kicking and usable...and does it make this sticky BS!!!

      I agree with @flmaxey to determine if the drive is dead then use the manufacturers tools, and lets hope it's not a WD cos we'll never hear the last of that.

      My apologies to @indragm for this.
      Raid is not a backup! Would you go skydiving without a parachute?

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