OMV v4.1.9 and SShelper Certificate problem

    • OMV 4.x

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    • OMV v4.1.9 and SShelper Certificate problem


      I have problem with rsync on OMV v 4.1.9 and SSHelper for android from available from Google Play
      The problem is with SSH certificates.
      OMV uses RSA PEM X509 format and SSHelper does not use this format, it uses OpenSSH SSH-2 private key new format.

      Option 1)
      I create certificate on OMV and copy it to windows machine to convert it using puttygen, then copy it to /data/data/com.arachnoid.sshelper/home/.ssh with id_rsa, OMV gives me error "Host key verification failed."
      My settings from OMV are :
      Rsync JOB
      Type : Remote
      Mode : Pull
      Source : /xyz/ destination on my phone
      Destination Share Folder : share on my OMV
      Authentication : Public Key
      SSH Port : 2222 (default port on SSHelper)
      SSH Certificate : certificate that i made on OMV

      Option 2)
      When i let SShelper generate the certificates, i can not converte them to a X509 PEM that OMV asks for importing, with OMV giving me error with importing.
      I also tried to convert it by all means available using ssh-keygen on linux but with no success 8|

      Can anyone help, this seems the best combination of rsync omv / android that i could find.

      Thank you all in advance :)