SnapRaid + UnionFS NAS with 2 disks

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    • SnapRaid + UnionFS NAS with 2 disks


      I have a 4 bay NAS with 2 disk 2TB each.
      I want to configure SnapRaid + UnionFS.

      With SnapRaid:

      Disk1 -> Parity
      Disk2 -> Data + content

      Its says that I need to have 2 content disk at least, what i am suppose to do ? can i set it up like

      Disk1 -> Content + parity
      Disk2 -> Content + Data

      ? is this correct ?

      What about UnionFS ? Can I merge Disk1 and Disk2 as a single disk called "storage" ? or is useless sicne the disk1 is used for parity only ?

      thank you
    • Snapraid is like raid 5 (or 6) and needs at least 3 drives. If you only have two drives, you would be better offer to have a scheduled rsync to sync the two drives together.

      With unionfs, you would never want your parity disk in the pool. So, if you want backup (highly recommended), you shouldn't pool anything until you get more drives.
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    • I think you're confused about what unionFS does...

      unionFS or mergerFS merely combines file systems on discrete physical drives so that it appears to the user as one large file system. When you get a 3rd disk, you can setup snapraid with 2 data disks and 1 parity disk. You could optionally use UFS/MFS to combine the file systems on the data disks. But with only 2 drives, I wouldn't think it would be very useful. UFS/MFS is very flexible in that you can apply it to full drives and remove it any time as well.