Backing Up an Android Device

    • Backing Up an Android Device

      Hey there!

      I'm desperately searching for a solution to backup my Android Device (Galaxy S7 Edge) to my OMV NAS.
      - can handle larger amount of files (eg. Whatsapp Media 5000 images)
      - incremental backups, only new files get syncronised
      - reliable, so i don't have to do it manually every time
      - ota, the best solution would be so that every time i log into any Wifi, it just synchronizes

      What i tried so far:
      - adb pull: it's manual, and just copies all files, whether they changed or not, and whether they exist or not
      - Nextcloud App, most of the time just straightup crashes and is very unreliable, perhabs because of the many files and folger
      - The app FolderSync to Nextcloud, works barely, but better then the rest, but spits out many errors (forbidden, .something file not found etc.)

      Maybe one of you has a working solution and wants to share it with me.

      Thx! ?(
    • I use FolderSync. Works perfectly fine for me. But I only backup or update data and I initiate it.

      I understand you can also install SSH Helper on an unrooted phone.

      Then you can use rsync transfers, perhaps initiated automatically from your OMV NAS whenever your phone is available on WiFi the LAN.

      For instance use a crontab script that tests every hour if the phone has been successfully backed up the last 24 hours, if not it checks if the phone is online now, if it is it runs a rsync script to back it up using a time stamped rsync snapshot. And automatically purge very old snapshots. And finally trigger tasker on your phone to tell you that the phone has been backed up successfully again.

      Or have tasker trigger a backup whenever the phone connects to WiFi and a connection to your OMV NAS is available.
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