Does OMV within VM prohibit File Explorer Access

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    • Does OMV within VM prohibit File Explorer Access


      When OMV is operating in a Virtual Machine environment does that scenario prohibit computers on the network from accessing the Windows 10 Pro file structure of the computer housing the Virtual Machine? I am a beginner with OMV but a fairly good computer person. All of my network computers can see the main computer but ACCESS IS DENIED when attempted. I have checked permissions and security settings. All seems to be okay. I can access file structures from the machine to other computers on the network but I cannot access the machine itself from other computers. All three other computers have no problem interacting with each other on the network in File Explorer.

      If there is a problem could someone help me understand what I need to do to rectify.

      Thanks, Kai :thumbup:
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      Running OMV in a VM does not change how it works. How you have the virtual networking may make things work different but doubtful.
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      ryecoaaron wrote:

      Running OMV in a VM does not change how it works. How you have the virtual networking may make things work different but doubtful.
      I understand OMV is compatible in a virtual environment. No problem there. Here's what I'm trying to convey . . .
      1. I open File Explorer on a network computer that is other than the BSMT-P5ND (PC Name) computer where OMV is running virtually
      2. I then click on the > to expand the file tree for the BSMT-P5ND because I want to access a folder and file located in one of the non virtual HDD drives
      3. At that point I receive and error message stating Windows Cannot Access \\ BSMT-P5ND
      4. The other 3 PC's on the network have the same issue
      5. All Network and Sharing settings are identical on all PC's
      6. I never had the problem before setting up the virtual machine to run OMV
      7. Thus, I am wondering if the virtual OMV environment is preventing access
      Thanks, Kai :thumbup:
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      I do think that the OMV virtual environment is preventing access. Not because it is virtual but because that is one of the main features of OMV. OMV is designed to only provide access if you are allowed access. I suspect that you have not correctly configured OMV to provide access. It might be a minor spelling error or a skipped step setting up the share. But this is just a guess based on very limited information.
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      Adoby - I can appreciate your comments and I have a strong tendency to agree.

      Now, I just have to find out from someone on the forum exactly where I need to go within OMV - IF that is indeed the culprit. As a beginner, that is a little bit over my head to solve.
      Thanks, Kai :thumbup: