Docker, Deluge, no HDD Spindown on HC2

    • OMV 4.x
    • Docker, Deluge, no HDD Spindown on HC2

      Afternoon All.

      I've been enjoying my Odroid HC2 setup with OMV4. After some disk issues (was using ntfs - bad move, now reformatted to ext4) things are running quite smoothly. I am experiencing one thing which I would like to solve though.

      The Odroid HC2 is running Docker and the lsioarmhf/deluge container.

      When this container is running, even if there is nothing downloading or seeding, the HDD doesn't spin down.
      That would be completely expected if Deluge was active, but I don't understand why it would keep the drive alive when there is nothing going on.

      In order to spin the drive down, I simply stop the Docker container. Within 5 minutes the drive goes into standby.

      Does anyone know why this would be the case and if there is anything I can do about it, other than shutting down the Deluge container?
      I have though of using Transmission, but I love the Thin Client mode of Deluge.