Connect to network that requires user and password (hotspot-style)

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    • Connect to network that requires user and password (hotspot-style)

      Hi everyone!

      I'm trying to setup a system with openmediavault 4.1.13. I am currently inside a university, whose network requires a two-step authentication to access internet. First, you have to connect to a wireless network, then opening a browser reveals a mask with user:---- and password:----, which are provided to university personnel and are personal.

      Is there a way to connect to a network like this to install plugins and updates? Connecting via an Ethernet cable and setting a fixed IP lets me use the webinterface, but since there is no internet connection I can only use the standard functionalities.

      Thank you in advance!
    • There is no way to do this from the web interface but if you can do it from the command line on a Debian system, it will work on OMV.
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