SMB slow read speed after update

    • OMV 4.x

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    • SMB slow read speed after update

      Hello everybody,

      I was already reading this forum since a long time without registration since I never experienced any problems with OMV on my HP N40L Microserver, but now I would need some support and I hope that somebody has an idea regarding my problem.

      Since the last update from OMV 4.1.12 to OMV 4.1.13-1 I have the issue that read speed on my SAMBA shares decreased to ~45MB/sec, write speeds are ~100MB/sec like before the update.
      Before the read speed was always between 95-110 MB/sec for reads and writes.
      When I check the hardware, neither CPU, disks nor ethernet are near their limits during file reading from the shares.
      Their are no advanced setting applied at the SMB/CIFS settings page and no settings changes were done compared to before the update.

      Hardware is a HP N40L Microserver with 8GB RAM.

      Thank you in advance for any input. ?(

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    • stepay wrote:

      Does really no one have an idea how to solve this problem?
      The problem is it could be a number of things, check Diagnostics -> System Information -> Report -> Scroll down to Interface information and look at settings for (network interface name) you're looking for Speed: and Duplex:

      I have an N54L and not had an issue.
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    • Sadly the problem is still present.
      In the mean while I have checked everything I stumbled over in the internet while searching for a solution for this problem.

      Tests with iperf3 showed full gigabit network speed in both directions, which fits to the results of the transfer speeds of around 105-110 Mb/s over FTP (up and down).
      With SMB I still get 105 Mb/s upload but only around 50Mb/s download.

      I am happy for any additional advice.
    • I don't know how and why, but the issue is gone as silently as is came.
      Because I did not change anything at the settings and configuration of the system and the SMB tranfer speeds are back at~105MB/sec for up- and download.

      Unfortunaltely I can not state in detail since which OMV update SMB speeds are back again at ~105MB/sec. for upload and download, since I used FTP to transfer larger amount of data after SMB became slow for reading.

      Currently OMV 4.1.32-1 is installed.