Omv on raspberry pi 3 running out of space with error "Failed to execute operation: no space left.on device"

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    • Omv on raspberry pi 3 running out of space with error "Failed to execute operation: no space left.on device"

      hi guys,

      I have attached error appaearing and can't seem to do anything, I don't think there is free space on the SD card to use gpart to extend partition. any possibility to free up space, or use the Nas space for additional storage.

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    • You could clone the existing 8 GB SD-card to a larger 16GB SD-card. (Follow the the instructions for cloning SD-cards in the User Guide below. Smaller to Larger will work fine.)

      The question that needs to be answered is, what's filling up your boot card? Do you have Plex or Emby running on the R-PI?
      (And) Do you know how to SSH onto the command line?
    • hi flmaxey

      thanks alot for your response..

      I found the culprit, it's Plex , I went into the Plex web GUI and removed all music libraries and did the optimization to clear the meta data etc.. and the nas is now back in business :) .

      I guess I have to manually change the database of Plex to the Nas storage, guess by default it saves into the boot drive... do u think that will help solve the Plex problem ?

      also I will surely follow the cloning guide to ensure sufficient space is available on boot to avoid future hiccups .. is there a link to the guide?

      thanks again


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    • By default, yes, Plex puts media metadata on the boot drive but it can be relocated. And if you don't want to deal with a full boot drive in the future, I'd relocate it to a data drive.

      Look at my signature below for an SD-card cloning process - the link is labeled :!: New User Guide :!: . (And get a spare SC-card so you can backup your OS.)

      As far as how to relocate Plex's metadata, there are threads on this subject on the forum and potentially on the Plex web-site. (You'll have to look into it - I don't use Plex.)
      You can search using Google and others (they tend to be better than the forum's search). If you use OMV as one of the search terms, the search will likely bring you back to the forum, with more relevant results.

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    • I assume you are not running plex in docker...

      How I did it back when I used plex:

      1. You shut down plex.

      2. Move /var/lib/plexmediaserver to where you want it. HDD/SSD.

      3. You create a symlink at /var/lib/plexmediaserver to the new location.

      4. You start plex again and live happily ever after.

      If you use docker you can do something similar but with the hole docker base path and all the docker images. But I wouldn't dare it. Instead I would reinstall OMV from scratch and make sure I have the docker base path somewhere else than on a SD card.
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