SoC as NAS

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    • I've been thinking about converting my existing NAS setup, Synology 412+, into a SoC NAS. My current implementation is file storage with RAID 1 with an external backup, MariaDB, as well as several Docker images such as Openfire and GiTea. I'm looking to start using NextCloud, as well as their apps, which might eat into my existing Synology resources. After reviewing costs associated with a new motherboard, cpu, ram, physical size, and power consumption for an upgrade I think a SoC might be the better solution. The RockPro64 seems like this would certainly fit the bill and of course using OpenMediaVault. At any rate that is what I'm exploring and my current and future NAS usage.

      I think my only concern is the development team, Pine64, their website doesn't exactly explain who they are or where they operate from. I had to do some searching and found they are headquarted in San Fran, CA, according to Crunchbase. Does anyone have experience with ordering from Pine64 or their products?

    • liquidJiggy wrote:

      Does anyone have experience with ordering from Pine64 or their products?
      Lots of people are running OMV on pine products including the rockpro64 (I am). It will have no problem with your setup and you can order from ameridroid if you live in the US. I have ordered from them quite a few times.
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