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      I have an omv setup on a dedicated box, and a windows PC in my garage. I also have 2 independent internet connections. Both machines have 2 nics. Is it possible to use one internet connection through my router to my windows PC, the other internet connection for my omv box, and use the second nic in each box to directly connect them together for management, and to be able to map my omv shares to windows?
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      Yes but you may run into some routing issues if not done correctly. Personally, I would setup a pfsense box and have both internet connections go to it (I have done this before).
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      I don't see a big issue. You would set up the routing table on both boxes that local subnet traffic goes through NIC 1, and the default route for internet through NIC 2.

      But I kind of agree with ryecoaaron that using a box with a firewall and doing the routing is possibly the better approach. Otherwise both boxes are fully open to Internet unless you set up separate firewalls on each of the machines.