How to backup and restore OMV configuration ? BMR Plan - howto?

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      akurzawa wrote:

      OMG is this a joke? This is the failure of this system. Wow I didn't expected that - I've working on numerous file system appliances, but I can't remember that any of them would not have ability to save and restore config.
      Don't you think that's a bit of an overreaction? Backing up your OS AND configuration is really easy to do and there are several ways to do it, to include installing a plugin designed for just that purpose.

      As @Adoby has mentioned; if you boot using a USB stick or an SD-Card, cloning the OS is dirt simple and it's in this Guide beginning on page 73. If I need to back out of a configuration change (usually a self induced error), an update issue, boot media failure, etc., it's just a matter of plugging in a clone and rebooting. In my case, the swap and boot takes 2 to 3 minutes. (For the fastest possible restoration time, this is the way to go and since the backup clone was tested prior, it's known to work.)

      What you're talking about with "an appliance":
      They usually come with an OS that's locked down or restricted, with a limited set of configuration options. This is a necessity for having the ability to restore a "stock configuration". The variables must be predicable and are, therefore, limited by necessity. Otherwise, it would be fairly easy to "break" the appliance or the restored configuration would break, or ignore, add-on functionality.

      With a full featured Linux server, with no restrictions on what can be installed (direct installed servers, Dockers with volumes and mount points, etc., etc.), it would be impossible to restore a working configuration without restoring the entire OS.

      On the other hand, perhaps FreeNAS is right for what you want to do. There's one file system, take it or leave it. They have limited "Jails" (BSD's equivalent of Dockers) with very little community usage (which would make me wonder if they've been tested adequately). But understand, if you go the BSD route, it may be "limiting" and the probabilities are, you'll discover those limitations well after you've committed.

      Again, your call.

      (BTW: Nearly anything FreeNAS is offering can be done in OMV to include ZFS with automated, self rotating and purging ZFS snapshots. I'm running Zmirrors, with automated snapshots, with zero issues.)
      Hi, i'm interesting in cloning guide, but the link is not working... There is a new link to that guide?