RSYNC / Split Directories

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    • RSYNC / Split Directories

      Dear all,
      I have a folder structure like this: (examples)


      and would like to divide this to two diverent shares via rsync... But I hav problems to get it working with include /exclude...

      I would like to split it up at the Subfolders, I would like to have the Subfolders starting from "0" to "Sj" as one part an starting with "Sk" to "Z" the other...

      Maybe someone can help me/give me a hint..?!?!

      I tried something like

      --include "/[0-S][a-j]*/**" --exclude "/[S-Z]*/**" but that doesn't work... Subfolders starting with "Al" are not included
      what can I do, to do it right? ?(

      Thanks for your help in advance
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