Bare metal OMV 4 install issue on Ryzen 3 - screen garbled

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Bare metal OMV 4 install issue on Ryzen 3 - screen garbled

      I have installed successfully before on a VM so I finally decided bare metal server was a go.

      The openmediavault boot menu looks fine, no issues, I select install and then I get this garbled screen. I've tried both DVI and VGA outputs.
      I tried to blindly enter my way through the garbled screens using the installation guide screenshots but eventually I got a very red looking garbled screen so I guess the install completely failed.

      Any ideas?
      It's a Ryzen 3, motherboard is asrock ab350 pro4, and only the SSD is connected. Using iso on a usb downloaded today version 4.1.3 amd64
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    • The kernel in the OMV version you install may not support the APU. It is common that kernels in Linux lag behind new hardware a few months.

      Try to install using SSH as if your computer is headless. Then update at once and reboot. I don't know if an update will update the kernel, but it might be worth a try. Eventually it will. If this was the issue.
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