Install a Tor Proxy on your server

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    • Install a Tor Proxy on your server

      These are the cliff notes for the video. You probably have to understand the video to understand my notes. You can see the video HERE.


      This dockerdoesn’t work on the Raspberry Pi

      Any questions post to this thread.

      Regain your privacy

      Check your IP address:

      Download Docker:

      Run Image

      Container name:Instant

      Restart always

      Network Mode:Bridged

      Port forwarding:
      Host port: 8118
      Exposed port:8118/tcp


      Windows 10 PCProxy for Whole PC

      Search Proxy

      Use a proxy server:click on

      Type in the IPaddress of your server in the address bar.

      Port: 8118

      Use the proxy serverexcept: *.local



      you should have a different IP address.

      Firefox OnlyProxy

      Check your IP address:

      General settings

      Scrolldown to NetworkSettings / Settings

      Press Manual manual proxy configuration
      Type in IP address of server and port 8118

      Check Use this proxy server

      Add your local server to the No Proxy for list.

      Press OK

      Build, Learn, Create.

      How to Videos for OMV

      Post any questions to the forum, so others can benefit from your curiosity. :thumbsup:
      No private support.

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