2 mobo sets

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    • 2 mobo sets

      I have 2 mobo sets

      mobo and cpu: Asus J3455M-E

      cpu: INTEL XEON L3406
      mobo: INTEL S3420GP
      RAM: 8GB DDR3 ECC

      Witch of these 2 sets will be less power comsumption and bether preformance. It will be only storage no virtualization, no extra plugins. HDD's will be connected to dell PERC H310 controller.
    • xeon is 30W TDP and celeron is 10W TDP not to mention the celeron is a much smaller lithography. ECC also uses more power. So, I would say the Asus would probably be considerably less power.
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    • MrT wrote:

      mobo and cpu: Asus J3455M-E
      The PCI-E x16 slot on this board functions as a PCI-E 2.0 x1 electrically. So, while the PERC H310 (which has an x8 connector) will fit and will probably function in it, you'll have slow throughput if you connect more than a few drives. If you have a lot of drives, or you don't want bottlenecks with throughput, this may need to factor into your decision.
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