Connecting eSATA disk caddy

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Connecting eSATA disk caddy


      OMV is set up and reachable. I have three SSDs in a powered caddy with both USB and eSATA ports. I can read all three disks via USB and have wiped them, ready to create a RAID array. All good. However, I read in the OMV docs that you mustn't use a USB connection for OMV, so I connected via eSATA and now I can only see one of the drives.

      I'm guessing that my computer, a ZOTAC micro-pc with a celeron quad core and a small SSD, on which I have installed OMV, can only read one external SATA. Am I right? If so, is there a fix for this? And will it be expensive or involve screw drivers? Also, what's the problem with USB connection of drives?

      Edit: I've found this, which answers the question about USB connection. Cool.Not sure about 'RAID-like', though. I'd still like to connect a full external RAID array to my existing machine.

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