How to EJECT hard drives from OMV ?

    • OMV 3.x
    • Resolved

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    • How to EJECT hard drives from OMV ?

      Actually the question should be, what are proper steps to do?

      I'm asking because in the past i have done several times in bad way before and therefor left many dead hyperlinks and on the end system disk failure of OMV(reinstall).

      There are two hard drives and next are places where they are :


      1. Union Filesystems (Merged in one whole by)
      2. File systems(two hard drives separately and as one whole)
      3. S.m.a.r.t. --> Scheduled tests

      -Access Rights Management

      4.User? There is another(3th) hdd in use
      5.Shared Folders


      6.Apple Filing --> Shares
      7.DLNA --> MiniDLNA --> Shares
      8.NFS --> Shares

      If possible by numbers steps to describe.
    • You work backwards compared to how you add disks.

      Start with a full backup. Then verify that the backup is good.

      Then, in the OMV GUI:

      1. Disable ALL services for shared folders on the disk. (Services Tab)
      2. Delete shared folders on the disk. (Access Rights Tab)
      3. Unmount filesystems on the disk. (Storage Tab)

      Not sure what you should do with the union filesystem. I assume you need to disable that as well in order to remove the disk without errors.

      You can now power off the NAS and remove the HDD.
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