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    • Correctly changing file permissions in bulk

      I'm not an experienced Debian user, so I'm struggling with a permissions issue on my OMV system.

      I use my windows machine to move music from wherever into my Subsonic library, but then if I attempt to use Subsonic to change metadata in the files, or even to add album artwork, those file locations disallow Subsonic any permissions to change files.

      Do I need to change the ownership of the files every time I move them over, or can I use OMV to give the "User" Subsonic permission to change/add files within that location?

      If there's another post that solves this issue, or somewhere I can read about it, I'm sorry for missing it and feel free to link it.

    • Under Shared Folders there is a tab for Reset Permissions.

      That makes it very easy to fix the type of problem you have.

      I'm assuming that you are running Subsonic on the OMV NAS where you store your music?

      Ooops! You are running OMV 2. It is End-Of-Life. I have no idea if that functionality was present there. I run OMV 4.
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