Everything regarding disks times out

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Everything regarding disks times out

      Hey there,
      yesterday I've tried building my ferst OMV setup. I've got 9 HDDs and wanted to configure them in a Raid 6 array.
      Well, I started it, it stayed at 0.00% for a long time and now, the next morning, whatever I'm trying to access that has something to do with the disks, I'm getting the timeout-error.
      Can't access anything in the storage-tab, except SMART, but therefore only the settings and schedule tab, not the disks tab.
      Performance statistics aren't working either for the disks, CPU etc is working fine.

      Any idea on why the heck that happens?
    • Some possibilities:

      You are too impatient.
      Not enough power for the disks.
      Cables are bad or connected wrong.
      The motherboard is bad.
      The SATA board is bad.
      One of the HDDs is bad.
      Several of the HDDs are bad.

      Try to get your server working properly with only the systemdrive connected. Update.

      Then try to connect the other drives, possibly one at a time to locate a bad one or to see when the power draw is too much.

      Also consider this. If you need this type of advice, are you sure that you should use raid? I mean, what do you do when the array goes bad? I wouldn't use raid.
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