Noob Question regarding OMV Updates

    • OMV 4.x
    • Upgrade 4.x -> 5.x

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    • Noob Question regarding OMV Updates


      I'm new to OMV but not new to PCs and Linux. I have a question concerning updates of OMV (e.g. upgrading OMV 4.x to 5).

      If I install programs that are not docker images or OMV plugins, will they still be there after upgrading OMV to the next version? E.g. I will install snapper ( in order to easily manage snapshots on my data volume. Will I have to install and configure this again after an OMV update or will it not be affected by the OMV update?

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    • I would expect to do a full reinstall from scratch between major versions. And even if it is supposed to not be needed I would do a full reinstall anyway, taking advantage of things I learned since last full reinstall.

      Between minor versions I would expect everything to continue working. But I would still teke backups of the root filesystem, now and then, so I can revert to a known working conditions in case there are problems.
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    • Hi Adoby,

      thanks for your answer. That means if I upgrade from - say - 4.x to 4.y you would expect that everything that works before the update will also work after the update. If I upgrade from 4.x to 5 this will mean that I have to setup everything that is not covered by OMV from scratch (and - of course - backup everything before the upgrade). Right?

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    • Upgrades within a version are no problem and nothing special needs to be done.

      There will be no upgrade path from 4.x to 5.x. A full fresh install of OMV 5.x and complete configuration from scratch will be required.
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