Migrate settings from 4 to 4 on new server

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    • Migrate settings from 4 to 4 on new server

      We run vers. 4 on a server, but want to migrate to a new server. Because we have serious package problems and want to move anyway.

      We have setup a new server with a fresh OMV 4 and moved all Linux user settings as well. But now we want to migrate our old OMV 4 settings from the old server too.

      Is there a way doing this? Yes we know that the shares will be different but we will move all user shares to a new SNA cluster so we have to redo the
    • The only way to "migrate" settings is to migrate the existing disk, or clone the old disk onto a new disk.

      There is no way to convert a fresh install into something that resembles an old install other than to reconfigure everything from scratch.
      Google is your friend and Bob's your uncle!

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