OMV / Emby Live TV on SBC (Performance)

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    • OMV / Emby Live TV on SBC (Performance)

      Hi all,
      First of all, I love OMV. My current setup is a Core I5 8 GB of RAM with a 120 GB SSD and 2 external USB's. I use OMV along with Emby via docker for live TV (streaming HDHomeRun, etc). I'm looking to trim down my hardware to save energy costs in my home. I've looked at a bunch of SBC's recently and I'm narrowed down to the ODroid HC2 or the RockPro64 boards. Has anyone used either of these two SBC's for OMV/Emby Live TV? If so, how was the performance on maybe 2-3 TV's concurrently max? Is this even possible on this device? Wouldn't be an issue for pre-existing content as I wouldn't need to transcode much (if at all) but I'm more concerned if it can handle the Live TV.

      Any advice or suggestions welcomed.
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