Any tftp logs?

    • OMV 4.x
    • Resolved

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    • Any tftp logs?

      Hello all, trying to setup a local PBX system and need tftp server for phone configuration. Can really use some logs from the TFTP plugin / service to see which files the phones are asking for, but can't find any info on where such logs can be found.

      Don't mind accessing them via ssh if needbe, any idea on what kind of extra options I could specify to create a logfile somewhere?

    • Ok, found my own answer:
      Add "--verbose" within extra options of the tftp service (disable / enable service or reboot to apply), than logs will show up within Syslog drop-down of the System Logs tab.
      To see realtime logs via ssh, you can use this command:


      1. tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep tftp
      Hope it saves a couple of hours to someone else who may need this info. Logs do not show transfer results, just what file was requested, no clue how to show failed requests (whereas files were unavailable or transfer has not completed).