Adding RAID Card drivers to the system

    • OMV 4.x

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    • Adding RAID Card drivers to the system

      I apologize if this has already been asked, I'm new to the forum, but have been using OMV for a couple years now. However now I'm working to tweak some firmware, or rather looking for some insight - my searching has started to become cyclical after 3 nights of searching, which is why I'm turning to the community. I recently purchased a Startech 4 Port PCIe SATA III RAID Controller, Model: PEHSAT34RH. They advertise that they support linux, however I have not heard a word from their support techs. I have gotten a hold of the Firmware for the card off their site, with a few small edits as root, I managed to copy the files to the file system to:

      As suggested by some of the Ubuntu forums with respect to installing other PCI based drivers. Now here is where I'm looking for guidance, is a script needed to call those drivers upon boot? Or is this over kill for what others have done?

      If this is the wrong idea, my alternative plan was to see if there was a version of the source that was available, and repackage it with the device specific drivers and then patch from there (if it was an older version). That is if anyone else has more experience with this? (I've spent the past couple of days down a handful of different rabbit holes, but none of which lead to a feasible inkling of a solution) Thanks in advance!
    • I can´t help you in your specific case. Did you look for Debian drivers already?

      But do you really need hardware raid? In OMV it is a common opinion to use a plain multi port SATA adapter and let the operating system do the RAID job (e.g. with mdadm).
      Then the OS has complete control over the disk drives. Also you can monitor the state of the drives with 'smartctl'.
      Nevertheless a lot of users here have troubles with mdadm too. It is a tool where it is necessary to know what to do.
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    • Thanks for your reply cabrio, I agree it's not something that's easily fixed. I hadn't looked into the debian drivers yet, I will look there. Worst case scenario, no- I do not need hardware raid, it would have been nice to have the security *should* something go wrong, as this was going to be a build that was located off-site remotely with limited access. Alternatively I was looking at other options, including using mdadm - you may be right, I've heard the same about mdadm, this seems like it would be worth a look though before purchasing a different card. I will look into these, I appreciate the input!